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Departure Roulette

This is too dope. They wouldn’t have to ask me twice.

I’d do it in a heartbeat.

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I used whole wheat rigatoni instead of cavatappi and chicken sausage instead of pork but still was so good,and happens to be even better for you with the substitutions!
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Best post

Also, Lily Potter would have never wanted an abortion, because she was a financially well-off white woman starting a family in a happy marriage with a secure place at the top of wizarding society.
The question you should be asking is what if Merope Gaunt, an impoverished and uneducated single woman who escaped from a severely abusive family only to become pregnant with the unwanted child of a man who wanted nothing to do with her, had had access to an abortion and not had immense social pressure brainwashing her into carrying to term?

Perfect commentary is perfect.

it got better


I reblogged this the first time it was going around but the commentary makes it worth another.  

Perfect comments

What if all women, no matter what they believe right for themselves, supported other women’s right to do what they want with their bodies :)

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Can’t believe I just ate peach cobbler. With ice cream. Before a photo shoot. UGHHHHHHHH

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Leftovers for lunch! Oatmeal crusted tilapia (recipw found here) http://www.kohlercreated.com/blog/?p=4600 and some sautéed kale with balsamic vinegar ! Yummy .
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This is an excellent question! Many places like to stop making bikinis after a certain size and well, that’s just silly! But here’s a few places I’ve seen by searching the fatkini tag and asking friends! Some of the links below only have one or two options out of many, but I’ve tried to put as many in one place as I could!
Modcloth (they don’t have a separate section for plus size two pieces, so it might take a bit of scrolling!)
Forever 21 +
Old Navy (their two piece stuff goes up to XL, but it’s ALWAYS worth trying things on even if you don’t think they’ll fit!)
Asos Curve
Rue 107
Lane Bryant
Simply Be
Walmart has this adorable retro one in up to a 3x for only $30!
Lands End
Check out the Gabi Fresh collection from Swimsuits for All! (it’s so sad that the Galaxy one is sold out and not coming back!)
And then there’s some great independent retailers that go up to 5x or 6x! Most of these ladies can even do custom measurements to make sure you get a great fit!
Love Your Peaches
Big on Batik
By Ro! Designs (which is where I got my fatkini!!)
Hope this helps! 
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Snack of the day… This was 10 for 10 at Kroger… Super yummy and only 150 calories !
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